Upgrading to NoiseTools v1.5 – What You Need to Know


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The new version of NoiseTools, version 1.5, includes a range of new features and functions that make downloading your measurements, analysing the data and creating reports quicker and simpler than ever. Here’s a look at the new NoiseTools and how to install it on your system.

The latest version of NoiseToools is here. Version 1.5 has enhanced many of the pre-existing features, including the Time History Display, Periodic Calculator and Frequency Analysis. We’ve also implemented a new reporting engine that offers more flexibility and greater performance when generating your reports. You can read about all the latest changes in the NoiseTools v1.5 Release Notes.

Due to the differences between v1.4 and v1.5, the upgrade is not automatic. Therefore, to take advantage of these latest features, you will need to upgrade to Version 1.5 manually.

Before upgrading to NoiseTools v1.5, please read the following information. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team who will be pleased to help.

Database Upgrade

NoiseTools uses a database to store the measurement information from the instruments along with notes, comments and any other settings associated with your measurements.

To support the new information that can be stored by NoiseTools, the structure of the database has changed from that used in the previous versions.

During the installation process, any existing databases will be converted to the new format so that they can be used in NoiseTools v1.5.

Note: These new database files are not compatible with the previous versions of the NoiseTools program and cannot be opened in any previous versions (v1.4 or earlier).

A backup of any existing databases will be made before they are converted to allow data to be recovered in the event of any problems. These backups will be in the same folder as previously along with the new versions. The progress of the database backup and conversion will be shown on the screen.

Single User Installations

For single user installations (where a single installation of NoiseTools is used to access a database or databases), the program can be updated using either the DVD, downloaded from the Cirrus website (www.cirrusresearch.co.uk/library/software) or by using the program update feature within NoiseTools itself.

The installer will run and will update any existing databases. When the installation is complete, run the NoiseTools program.

Multi-User Installations

For installation where more than one instance of NoiseTools is used to access a database or where a database is shared across a network for example, all installations of the NoiseTools program must be updated at the same time.

When the first updated installation of NoiseTools is run, all of the current databases will be converted to the new format. These updated database files are not compatible with the previous versions of NoiseTools.

Users who try to open an older version of NoiseTools will receive a warning message that will inform them that the database is not available and that their installation of NoiseTools must be upgraded.

For more detailed information about installing or upgrading NoiseTools on a networked system or where the databases are shared between multiple PC’s, please refer to the document Advanced Installation of NoiseTools.

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