Upper Uvdal wastewater treatment plant - Filter bed


Courtesy of Filtralite Saint-Gobain Byggevarer As

The treatment plant is built in Nore and Ulvdal municipality in Norway. Ulvdal Ski resort, some houses and several hundred holiday homes are connected to the treatment plant. This gives a dimensioning flow of Qdlm=300 m3/day, a total of 2000 pe. The wastewater treatment plant was built in 2003.

The plant is designed as a traditional chemical and biological treatment plant, as a polishing step the effluent is going through a filter bed with Filtralite before it is discharged into a small creek. The filter bed with Filtralite gives low and stable discharge levels.

After three years of operation, the treatment plant removes 99% of the phosphorus, which gives a discharge concentration on 0,06 mg/l.

Filter media used in this plant:

1000 m3 = Filtralite P 0-4 mm
100 m3   = Filtralite NR 4-10 mm
100 m3   = Filtralite NR 10-20 mm

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