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Urban climate change impact and Istanbul Water Consensus

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Climate change impacts especially on major cities of the world are expected to cause inter–sectoral interactions concerning environmental, socio–economic, cultural, and technological developments and their implementations. This paper presents a methodology to predict future monthly rainfall amounts and surface runoff volumes on decadal basis from 2000–2050 and accordingly interpretation of monthly dry and wet periods, which are the most important gradients for the management of future water supply problems in major cities. It also presents significant articles for combating the climate change impacts on major cities through Istanbul Water Consensus Local and Regional Authorities Declaration on the occasion of the Fifth World Water Forum in Istanbul, which expressed the awareness and responsibility of local and regional leaders concerning climate change impacts on major cities.

Keywords: cities, urban climate change, climate change impact, downscaling, Istanbul Water Consensus, IWC, rainfall prediction, runoff prediction, water supply, monthly rainfall amounts, surface runoff volumes

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