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Urban green compensation

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Green compensation is an alternative approach towards urban–green–planning. Green–compensation is defined as replacing or relocating 'green space values' in an urban area, an action to ensure quality enhancement and protection of urban green spaces. Due to increasing pressures of urbanisation and population growth, the concept of green–compensation is gaining importance in planning approaches. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the urban green compensation concept within the urban planning perspective. From literature research and case studies conducted it was concluded that green compensation can be successfully realised in qualitative and quantitative ways, but are subject to specific urban green space values which is bounded to the locality. Green–compensation is an approach to guide sustainable planning by ensuring qualitative living spaces, as the practical implementation thereof will lead to integrated development planning where spatial planning and environmental management are interlinked.

Keywords: green compensation, green planning, sustainable development, sustainability, urban planning, urban green spaces, integrated development planning, spatial planning, environmental management

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