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Urban wastewater reuse: a pilot plant experience


The results of a preliminary verification of domestic wastewater reusability in L'Aquila (Italy) are reported. A Tertiary Treatment Pilot Plant (TTPP), rotary filtration and Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation disinfection, was added to an Urban WasteWater Treatment Plant (UWWTP) to test the compliance with water quality indicated for reuse by the enforced Italian regulation. The TTPP was managed varying UV dosages to evaluate disinfection effectiveness. A comparative analysis on two different disinfection systems, UV radiation and chlorination, was carried out. Moreover, a preliminary investigation to detect the presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and their sensitivity to the different disinfection systems was carried out.

Keywords: urban wastewater reuse, water reclamation, tertiary treatment, ultraviolet, UV radiation disinfection, disinfection, water quality, quality monitoring, Italy, rotary filtration, environmental technology, environmental management

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