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With the Selerant suite you can manage the different implementations of the GHS. In this newsletter we see, specifically, the US GHS.

The US GHS in EuSHEET has been implemented both for the new calculation criteria and for the preparation of the SDS. Therefore there is a new Country Authority “Hazcom 2012” which is related to the specific SDS model for the United States of America. There are, moreover, some new variables where you can enter all the specific information required by US regulations.

In the United States the classification, labeling and creation of the SDS are compliant with the instructions contained in the regulation 29 CFR 1910.1200, published in 2012 and known as HazCom 2012 or US GHS. This regulation contains all the rules related to the danger calculation and the hazard communication through labeling and SDS, in accordance with the criteria validated by OSHA.

US GHS details

Once you have installed the new version and activated the appropriate licence, the country authority bar will display a new choice: HazCom 2012, that will allow you to perform the danger calculation in accordance with the US GHS.

The US GHS danger calculation uses a specific list of possible classifications, which is different from the other GHS implementations because it is precisely designed for the US regulatory requirements. In addition to the Standard GHS danger classes, the US GHS has also defined some additional danger classes, specifically used in the United States of America.

US GHS NFPA and HMIS labeling

For the finished products you can enter some useful information for the creation of the NFPA and HMIS labels, which can be reported in addition to the GHS label. This information is divided into physical hazards, health hazards and flammability and you can insert it in Characteristics > HMIS/NFPA information.

Once you have entered the appropriate information in this window,  you can print a preview of each type of label or directly print the SDS in which these labels are reported in section 2.

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