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US Nuclear Corp. Sales Poised for Dramatic Growth


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DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / February 22, 2018 / US Nuclear (OTC PINK: UCLE) has a long and excellent reputation providing the best products for industrial safety. Being a leader in its field, the Company is not only experiencing record high demand for its products, but is also entering the enormous healthcare market with novel solutions for the $10B radioisotope market that is suffering from severe shortages.

US Nuclear recently signed a Letter of Intent to partner with MIFTI/MIFTEC, the leader in fusion power that has created an entirely new way to produce scarce and short-lived radioisotopes in abundance and at lower costs than today's methods. Advanced imaging requires radioisotopes to diagnose patients for heart disease and cancer and greatly reduces the need for risky and costly exploratory surgery. Radioisotopes are also used to treat cancer.

Additionally, US Nuclear is now moving forward with several new large market opportunities that have the potential to increase sales substantially over the short and the long-term. As these opportunities converge in 2018, they have the strong potential to substantially impact US Nuclear sales in multiple verticals, that could result in dramatic combined growth.

Medical Radioisotopes

On December 07, 2017, US Nuclear Corp. signed a letter of intent with MIFTEC to become the exclusive contractor to manufacture medical isotope generators in the nuclear medicine market. MIFTEC's parent company, MIFTI Nuclear Fusion, was recognized and awarded by the U.S. ARPA-E for their innovative approach and rapid progress towards fusion energy, which could provide a nearly limitless supply of clean, domestic power. MIFTI has shown that its Staged Z-Pinch fusion technique will produce high neutron flux, which in turn can be used to produce medical radioisotopes. The world renowned Sandia Labs and UCSD have two such Z-pinch Fusion reactors. A new compact, higher powered machine that is believed to be capable of producing large commercial volumes of radioisotopes is now being designed by leading experts in this field.

MIFTEC stated, 'There is a terrible shortage of medical scanning isotopes. Millions of patients are unable to get the diagnostic scans and treatment they need due to the shortage and deteriorating sources of medical isotopes from Russia, Belgium, Canada, and South Africa.'

MIFTEC's breakthrough solution could solve the medical isotope shortage, and at a fraction of the cost. MIFTEC believes it can cut the current cost of producing radioisotopes by at least 50%, thereby allowing even greater access to individuals that need them.

US Nuclear Corp. will be the exclusive manufacturer for these nuclear isotope generators.

  • Global radioisotope production capacity is currently maxed out at $10 billion due to shortages.
  • Current global demand is significantly above $10 billion and is expected to reach $17 billion by 2021.
  • Europe accounts for about 20% of the market, while North America is the dominant market for radioisotopes (45%).
  • US Nuclear Corp. will also acquire a 10% interest in MIFTEC with the potential to increase its ownership stake even further.

Chinese Nuclear Power Plants

US Nuclear has been providing nuclear equipment to China since the beginning of China's nuclear age at Daya Bay, China's first nuclear power plant. Equipment sales have been modest but are now accelerating since US Nuclear's pivot to China in 2015 and since China is now pushing hard to accelerate the growth of their nuclear power industry.

In January, 2018, US Nuclear Corp. met in Beijing, China with key decision makers for important nuclear power plants throughout China. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how US Nuclear can help improve Chinese nuclear reactor customer's access to the advanced, high-quality and more competitively priced products they need in order to meet their aggressive growth targets. Results of the meeting were favorable with the plan to continue discussions that will expand offerings to these fast-growing markets in China.

Mr. Goldstein, CEO of US Nuclear stated, 'We make the best tritium monitors in the world, and each nuclear power plant has a need for over 8 million dollars of our type of equipment. China is now the world's biggest builder of new nuclear plants and is the biggest opportunity for nuclear equipment suppliers, with 37 nuclear power units in operation, 20 nuclear reactors now under construction, and with aggressive plans for 200 units overall. That is one hell of a lot of business by any standard.'

The Chinese believe that nuclear power is the only base load energy source that can totally replace coal on a large scale to provide a reliable power for the grid so they can defeat the widespread air pollution that is an enormous problem in China today. Sales have the potential to be enormous for US Nuclear Corp.

Radon Monitoring and Venting Control

In January, US Nuclear Corp. presented at the world's largest HVACR (heating, venting, air-conditioning, refrigerating) show, the AHR Expo. US Nuclear showcased the new Model RANDFAN-SX, a real-time radon monitor switch that allows easy automatic purging of harmful radon gas. Interest from large HVAC companies in US Nuclear's radon mitigation products is strong.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and is responsible for approximately 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States every year. There is radon present in every state except Hawaii and Louisiana. In the past, most available methods for detecting radon would require up to 7 days to accurately measure the concentration below the EPA's recommended mitigation level (4 pCi/L). US Nuclear Corp's sensitive radon mitigation system actively detects radon gas below the EPA's action levels in just minutes and operates a relay when the alarm set-point is triggered that will activate ventilation fans until the radon concentration is reduced to safe levels. The RANDFAN-SX is compatible with all standard HVAC systems and can be wall-mounted in the basement or first floor of homes and office buildings to continuously safeguard against radon exposure.

Drones with Airborne Radiation Sensors

A Goldman Sachs report on the drone market forecast sales of $100 billion by 2020. US Nuclear provides Model Drone Rad quad and octo-copters that carry radiation detectors. Chemical sensors and thermal hot spot imagers are planned as well. The market includes nuclear power plants, anti-smuggling inspection teams, the National Laboratories, fire departments, first responders, mining companies, and environmental agencies. These drones have the capability to navigate over areas of debris from an explosion, earthquake, flood, or any disaster. A drone can move easily in areas too dangerous for humans, or too difficult for a robot to approach. Drones with high tech sensors can fill a big hole in the ability to search dangerous areas, and to discover the exact location and current conditions at the site of an explosion or a toxic/radioactive material leak. Drones can detect gases and contaminated air emerging from smokestacks or crossing the property line of a chemical or nuclear plant and allow one professional to view and measure over a mile wide radius from their position. These are measurements that cannot be made by using a computer simulation, ladder, or fixed wing aircraft.

US Nuclear's customers are diverse groups such as Homeland Security, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Los Alamos National Labs, Department of Defense, FBI, CIA, US Navy, Chevron Corporation, Bechtel Corporation, Biotechnology Laboratories, Hospitals, Universities, and Civil Emergency Management departments such as Fire, Paramedics and Law Enforcement. The Company is headquartered in Canoga Park, California and, in addition to its public filings, the Company's information can be accessed through, and through its related-party websites at and

US Nuclear Corp. has fewer than 14 million shares outstanding and management closely holds 80% leaving a small float of under 2 million shares.

About US Nuclear Corp.

U.S. Nuclear Corp is a radiation detection holding company specializing in the development and manufacturing of radiation detection instrumentation. Through three operating divisions (Technical Associates (TA), Overhoff Technology (OTC), and Electronic Control Concepts (ECC), U.S. Nuclear Corp. harbors more than 100 years of combined experience in supplying top of the line instrumentation to any industry utilizing radionuclides. This includes nuclear power plants, national laboratories, government agencies, homeland security, military, universities and schools, research companies, hospitals, medical and dental centers, energy companies, weapons facilities, first responders, local governments, and manufacturing plants.

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