US regulations under development - a must-read for environmental professionals

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Chock full of information about upcoming regulations from every federal agency, this document is a must read for all environmental professionals. EPA’s Semiannual Regulatory Agenda is an excellent source of information on environmentalregulatory and policy developments. As its names suggests, this document is issued twice a year, once in the spring and again around mid-December (see 72 Fed. Reg. 70118). It is chock full of information on EPA regulations and major policy initiatives that are under development, reviews of existing regulations, and major policy makings completed and/or cancelled since the previous agenda. For any environmental professional, the Regulatory
Agenda, as it has come to be called, is indispensable.

Why the agenda is prepared
All federal agencies participate in creating the Regulatory Agenda. The document is hundreds of pages long and includes summaries of rulemaking initiatives underway or planned for all federal departments and agencies.  As Pollution Engineering readers know, there are many reasons for federal rulemakings. Rules may be required by statute, offered at the option of the current administration to achieve a targeted goal, required as part of a judicial settlement agreement, or needed to ensure a current rule remains viable and effective, among other reasons. Additionally, EPA
routinely issues new or revised current policy directives and guidance documents of one form or another, all of which are as important as rules.

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