Use Articulated Concrete Block Mats for People and Animal Safety


Courtesy of International Erosion Control Systems Inc.

Cable concrete mat installations are great for using in areas that are close to water in order to prevent soil erosion. Since they offer superior flexibility, they can be customized to fit your specific project needs. And whether you’ve thought about it or not, articulated concrete block mats also play a role in keeping people and animals safe, while at the same time providing structural stability to ground applications.

Molds to the geography

While there are other methods and materials for preventing erosion—such as rock piles, stacked wood and concrete chunks—it’s the cable concrete mat design that has proven the best and longest lasting option. Looking at articulated concrete mats, you will quickly find it appropriate for installation over any number of geographical conditions. It takes on small to large terrain like a beast, and installation is simple.

Not only is articulated concrete the perfect solution for structures like boat ramps and access roads, but thanks to its ability to both form to and stabilize the ground, it also provides an even surface. This means vehicles can drive over it, bicycles can ride fine and people and animals can walk safely, as if the natural, uneven ground was never there.

Creates a durable surface

In addition to articulated concrete being able to mold to the geography to create an even surface, it is also durable. What’s more, you can select the block texture to better fit your project to maintain ground stability. With a smooth and solid surface, it’s easier for vehicles to slide off the road during rainy days, and people may fall down. But these articulated concrete systems can hold up under constant pressure, as well as prevent slipping when a rough texture is chosen for better tire and foot traction.

Also, a cable concrete mat installation along banks, especially unseen on the sides of slopes, can prevent erosion that can lead to nearby paths sinking when pressure is applied—which can be dangerous, even deadly. But hikers and other foot traffic, pets, maintenance or recreational vehicles, boat trailers, horseback riders and wild animals can enjoy safe travels on non-intrusive articulated concrete paths and roads, as opposed to partially eroding ground.

Allows for re-growth of vegetation

Some environmentally conscious folks may place cable concrete mats in the nature-destroying category, believing it makes the area unsafe for wildlife to live and people to visit. This is simply not the case. In fact, this type of soil erosion system adapts to its surroundings when installed with care, and animals will still be able to graze in their favorite spots, because vegetation can indeed re-grow back in between individual blocks that make up each mat, or reseeding can be done at the tops of mats after installation. The ecosystem remains established.

Is function and safety at the top of your list when looking for the right erosion control method? If so, place a call to International Erosion Control Systems Inc. today to learn more about using articulated concrete block mats in your particular project.

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