Use Efficient Rug Cleaning Equipment for Office Maintenance

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Rug cleaners are used for cleaning carpets quickly and effortlessly. While many homeowners use rug cleaners to keep their homes in shipshape, buyers should purchase commercial rug cleaners for use in office buildings. Commercial rug cleaners are more durable and offer better service. They also carry appropriate warranties, which potentially saves the buyer thousands of dollars in parts replacement and servicing costs.

Commercial rug cleaners have numerous other advantages. When selecting a carpet cleaning equipment, keep the following criteria in mind:

Heated versus non heated
Using heated carpet wash machines is recommended, if you have to wash many carpets or if they are very greasy and dirty. High quality carpet washer machines may generate temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Some machines may even heat water up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. These machines are also able to use cold water for washing carpets.

Many contractors invest in non-heated carpet cleaning equipment, as they are cheaper. This is a good option, but only if you do not have to handle very dirty carpets regularly. If you are expected to remove grease, pet stains, ink spots, and odors from carpets, then you should invest in a heated carpet washer system.

However, there are non-heated machines that can still use hot water with a maximum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. These machines offer double benefits of cost savings and use of hot water. They are often used where carpets are not very dirty and for cleaning some grease and dirt that cannot be washed away with cold water.

Setting the right temperature level is very important, as not every carpet can tolerate very high temperatures. Delicate carpets, expensive carpets, unusually dyed carpets, and tile carpets should be washed in cold water.

Low flow
Gone are the days when contractors used hundreds of gallons of water for washing a single carpet. The latest rug cleaning equipment use minimal water, hence offering many advantages. These carpet cleaning machines generate less waste water, resulting in fewer water disposal problems. Such carpet cleaning machines are more cost effective, as they save water bills and disposal costs.

The best carpet cleaners are able to extract most of the moisture from the carpets, leaving them almost dry after the wash. These carpet extractors have high vacuum pressures and a well-designed wand to extract most of the dirty water. The wands of these commercial rug cleaners should be ideally made of stainless steel, as they are more corrosion resistant.

Low flow machines offer another major advantage. They help in faster carpet drying. Usually, where carpets cleaned with ordinary carpet cleaners require drying times of up to 24 hours, low flow machines reduce the time to one to four hours. When carpets dry quickly, there is less chance for molds to germinate on them.

Portable carpet cleaners are easy to transport. They can be used in any commercial location. Many portable carpet cleaners are used even by homeowners, due to their greater efficiency. The best carpet cleaners offer a combination of high temperature, low flow rate, high pressure, and fast heating.

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