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Use of hybrid reactor in treating cellulose wastewater

The purpose of this study was to investigate the operation and control of hybrid system in treating wastewater from Iran Wood Fibre Company located in the Caspian Sea. The specific objectives were to determine the effect of substrate concentration on COD removal rate. The experiments have shown three zero-order reactions for the first, first to fourth and fourth to seventh day for all influent COD of 3000?20,000 mg/l. For all experiments, over 80% of COD was removed within seven days. So, the hybrid reactor is a useful system for treating hard biodegradable wastewater, such as wood fibre wastewater.

Keywords: anaerobic hybrid reactors, cellulose wastewater, upflow anaerobic fixed films, UAFF, upflow anaerobic sludge blankets, UASB, wastewater treatment, wood fibre, Iran, biodegradable wastewater

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