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Thanks to Mother Earth for giving us millions of tons of natural resources for our need & greed. After extraction & converting these resources in to products for our requirement, we forget to pay attention to recycle the used products but continue to extract afresh as if, nature has no right to say no. In the process, we attract natural calamities (natural recycling) to balance the equilibrium.?

It must not be misunderstood that recycling of used is a requirement to avoid natural calamities alone but also important, if we want to live in better environment with better health and achieve better productivity.

In a consumption economy, being an outcome of socio-economic development, always focus is on maximum sale of products & services and this leads to growing demand and consumption. In the process, our approach changes to “Use & Throw”. Now question is where to throw and who will take care of these thrown items? One obvious answer is “Municipalika” or any other agency but not me!

I am of the opinion that, we must hold GOD responsible for the recycling business:

G= Generator (Producers, in case of certain items like electrical & electronic equipment, cars and may be similar such capital items). They can in turn enter tie up with Recyclers for environment friendly recycling.

O= Operator (Users of all the above and other items). Operator or consumers must segregate their used items in to dry and wet items before discarding.

D= Destroyer (Recyclers will be responsible to process/recycle the used items and convert in to different commodities as near to the natural resources, to plough them back in to the main stream).

If we all share our part of the responsibility and the system is implemented effectively, I am quiet hopeful we can convert all our ‘Used items in to Useful Commodities’. I am of the strong view that, if the above system is in place (I am not ignoring the challenges) then we may save lots of investment going for building hospitals, provide better living condition to everyone & improve productivity. The money & time so saved may be deployed in the productive activities.

It is very unfortunate that our budgetary system gives least priority to recycling industry and strongly believes that the nature is quiet capable to recycle all the discarded items we throw away. God bless to such thinking and wish to such thinkers a very long, safe & secured life.

It may not be out of place to mention that our company, Eco Recycling Ltd, the first company ventured in to recycling of end of life electrical & electronic equipment in India is also the first company approved for such activity by the Central Pollution Control Board and the Maharashtra pollution Control Board.

Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco) provide services of collection from the door step of the corporate offices and other bulk users, transport across nation for recycling of electrical & electronic equipment, lamp recycling, cable recycling, precious metal recycling, white goods recycling, confidential data destruction services, CRT Recycling. Ecoreco has innovative services like “Lamp Recycling on Wheels”, “Data Destruction on Wheels” etc. These Mobile Facilities are deployed at the customers’ premises for onsite destruction of Lamps & Data devices for safe & secured disposal.

My appeal, let’s act before Nature reacts.

B K Soni

Chairman & Managing Director

Eco Recycling Ltd

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