Uses of a Chewing Gum Elimination System

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A chewing gum remover does exactly what its name suggests. It removes chewing gum pieces from public places and commercial buildings. For understanding the use of these machines, you should first understand the need for these machines.

Why does one need a chewing gum remover?

Those outside the cleaning industry may not notice it. They may not even acknowledge it as a problem. However, the menace of chewing gums is far greater than what many people think.

Chewing gums is one of the few fashionable activities that young people do without any fail. The habit of chewing gums has that addictive charm. There is no problem with the habit of chewing gums, however, the problem starts when the chewing part is over.

People tend to spit the gum residue out whenever they feel it is convenient, or whenever they feel others are not looking at them. Try checking out a stadium after any major game. The seats and the floor will be dotted with gum residues in different stages of decay.

These spitted-out gum residues pose three problems. First, it spoils the appearance of the place. The gum pieces would be an irritating eye sore. Second, it can cause a hygiene issue as well. A number of harmful microorganisms might reside in the gum pieces. Third, if a gum residue is not removed regularly, then it would get decayed and absorbed into the surface, posing further hygiene problems.

A chewing gum remover solves all these problems. It first melts the gum pieces and then extracts the gum residues.

The question still remains. Why do you need a specialized chewing gum remover? An ordinary cleaning machine can remove the chewing pieces along with other dirt and impurities. A specialized chewing gum remover can remove the pieces extremely quickly. Apart from that, the specialized gum remover machines remove the gum pieces completely, leaving no stains.

The following are some of the major uses of specialized chewing gum elimination systems.

Cleaning shopping malls
Steam cleaning machines are the best gum remover machines, as they can melt the gum pieces quickly and extract the molten residues with the attached vacuum. It takes only a few seconds to extract a chewing gum piece.

This is the reason why these commercial steam cleaner machines are widely used in shopping malls. The cleaning job gets over quickly and efficiently without causing any inconvenience to the sales staff or the customers, with chewing gum remover machines.

Cleaning stadiums and public building
A lot of gum pieces are seen stuck to the walls and floors of stadiums and public buildings after some kinds of functions and games. Steam cleaning machines can clean the floor and remove the chewing gums. However, conventional cleaning machines might take a long time to finish the cleaning task. On the other hand, a specialized commercial steam cleaner for removing chewing gums can finish the job quickly.

Cleaning educational institutions
These are places where the heaviest density of chewing gums can be found, and these are the places where a steam cleaner for gum extraction finds the heaviest use. A steam cleaner equipped with attachments can finish off the gum extraction process from a whole college building in just a matter of few hours. Some gum exterminators even offer temperatures of upto 369ºF.


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