Uses of Portable Steam Cleaner for Cleaning Hardwoods Surface


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Portable steam cleaner machines are used for various hard surface cleaning tasks. These are used for cleaning tiled and concrete surfaces, for chewing gum removal in commercial buildings, and also for cleaning hard wood surfaces.

This article deals with the use of a portable steam cleaner for cleaning and sanitizing hard wood floors and furniture. There are many things to be checked when dealing with these machines. The first set of tips is applicable when buying these machines and the second set of tips is applicable when using these machines.

Tips to Buy Steam Cleaners
A typical portable steam cleaner for hard wood surface should offer a reasonably high output temperature, should be equipped with sufficient technologies to do the job well, and should be made with high-quality components to last long enough.

Output Temperature
Often people prefer a portable steam cleaner with a highest output temperature. For hard wood cleaning, machines with the highest output temperature may not be necessary. Any floor steam cleaner that can give an output temperature of around 360°F would suffice, however many models can reach up to 386°F.

These days, users can find a number of technologies with a floor steam cleaner. Two of the major technologies are automatic refilling technology and antibacterial technology. The names of the technologies are rather self-explanatory.

Automatic refilling allows for automatic refilling of vapor steam cleaners when water level falls below a certain level. Antibacterial technology means these machines are equipped with a specially designed technology to eliminate more than 99 percent of commonly found disease-causing microorganisms.

Quality Parts
Key parts of good vapor steam cleaners are made of high-grade stainless steel. These parts have to bear heavy stress, and only components made of the highest quality material last long.

Some modern portable steam cleaner machines are steam vacuum cleaner models. In other words, these are steam cleaner with an attached vacuum. The main benefit of the steam vacuum cleaner machines is that these can dissolve dirt and impurities present on the surface as well as extract the dissolved dirt.

Tips to Use Steam Cleaners for Hard Wood Cleaning
Steam cleaning machines work by ejecting high temperature output on to the hard surfaces cleaners. The output is often very high – as high as 386°F. The high temperature output melts dirt and stains present on the surface. The molten dirt is later extracted, either manually or with a vacuum.

Hard wood surfaces are more difficult to clean than concrete or tiled surfaces. Excessive exposure to heat can cause some kind of damage to such surfaces. For example, wood surfaces are often coated with paint or varnish. Overexposure to high output of a steam cleaner machine may result in peeling off of paint or varnish layer.

So, the trick in using portable steam cleaner machines for hard wood cleaning is to limit the exposure to the necessary minimum. If there are any soft substances, such as paper, linen, or plastic, on or near the hard wood surface, it is better to take these substances to a place where the output of steam cleaner machines will not reach.


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