Using a continuous-fill, intermittent-discharge SBR to remove biological nutrients

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Courtesy of Premier Tech Aqua

Five years ago, the Town of Essex, in southwestern Ontario, decided to upgrade its facultative lagoon treatment systems with an alternative wastewater treatment plant — a continuous-fill, intermittent-discharge sequencing batch reactor (CFID-SBR) system, targeting even higher effluent quality.

The CFID SBR process was designed by Premier Tech Aqua, which also provided major process equipment for the high-performance treatment plant. Engineering for the construction was designed and provided by Stantec Consulting Ltd. (Windsor). The plant is being operated by the Ontario Clean Water Agency.

The plant has three CFID-SBR reactors with a total average capacity of 4.590 mVd (flow rate estimated for the next 20 years). Provision has been made to expand the plant further, with 33% more capacity. by building a fourth reactor to treat an ultimate design flow of 6,120 mVd.

The Essex Sewage Works was commissioned in early January 2006, and since then the CFID-SBR system has consistently met the effluent requirements. Six months after a successful start-up of the first two reactors, process performance testing began. Warm-period testing started in the last week of July and continued through August, September and October. This was followed by cold-period testing for four more months: November. December, January and February.

When the plant had successfully passed the two testing periods with two reactors in operation, testing was continued at higher flow (inflow/infiltration) in March and April 2007, with only one reactor in operation. The CFID SBR demonstrated its ability to efficiently handle a constantly changing flow with highrate i nflow/infiltration.

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