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Using DSR indicator system to evaluate Taiwan's sustainable development

Over the past few decades, the striking levels of economic growth achieved have been accompanied by environmental degradation. Based on the characteristics of indicators on the Commission on Sustainable Development of the United Nations, this study constructs quantitative approaches to evaluate whether the historical data in Taiwan meets the relationship in DSR (Driving-force-State-Response) indicator framework of sustainable development or not. Moreover, this study also coordinates the sustainable development system to plan an optimal strategy path to sustainable development in Taiwan. The results are as expected. The multi-objective integrated model solved by goal programming for sustainable development is proposed to generate as a means for nation to understand what specific actions to take, in order to simulate the allocating results of national policy affecting the social, economic, and environmental system and to measure progress toward sustainable development.

Keywords: sustainable development, DSR framework, goal programming, green income, multi-objective integrated model, Taiwan, national policy, government policy

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