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Using Oxygen Release Compounds for rapid treatment of Petroleum Products

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Awhimsical comment by the author Michael McClary compels one to realize that more intuitive processes can be overlooked when considering technology’s abilities to improve our natural environments. He said: 'Irrigation of the land with seawater desalinated by fusion power is ancient. It's called rain.' In situ treatment of contaminated groundwater may be one such intuitive approach worth more regular consideration these days. This field of environmental science has been well-proven to effectively address sites impacted with a wide range of COIs, such as petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs, and BTEX, often at a fraction of the cost of more ubiquitous long-term methods such as 'pump and treat'. In addition, application of in situ treatment is non-invasive and causes minimal disruption of normal site operations; injections can be made through roads, parking lots and in many cases through base floors of existing buildings. Subsequent operations and maintenance (O&M) requirements for in situ applications are limited to periodic sampling for monitoring purposes, which is significantly less expensive than operating pump and treat systems.

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