Using Rigorous Simulation to Generate LP Vectors


Courtesy of KBC Advanced Technologies plc.

Linear Programs (LP), the most commonly used tool to model refineries, help plants make important decisions regarding crude selection, refinery operation targets, and long-term strategic planning. The LP is comprised of assay tables
and submodels containing vectors that represent a change to the base condition. It does not contain any technology; the response of each unit is dependent upon the vectors on which it is based. Rigorous refinery simulations including kinetic models and rigorous heat and material balanced distillation columns can be calibrated to match current refinery
operations and provide methods to perform profit improvement studies and evaluate capital improvement projects. The comprehensive nature of these models mimics the non-linearity of the refinery. The rigorous model is ideally suited to supply vectors for the LP. It provides a solid technical representation of the refinery, as well as a consistent framework to
supply the LP with vectors and update as needed. This paper will present how rigorous kinetic and separation models from a refinery-wide flowsheet were used to upgrade LP submodels for an Asian refiner.

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