Using ‘TransMembraneChemiSorption’ (TMCS) for Ammonia Removal from Industrial Waste Waters


Courtesy of 3M Membrane Filtration (formerly Membrana)

Dissolved gases like NH3, H2S or NOx in waste water lead to contamination in the sewage system and high treatment costs for municipal waste water treatment plants. This translates into high penalty fees that are paid by the company discharging these contaminates into the sewage stream. In many cases a membranebased water treatment system can be justified because of a favorable pay back time.


  • Compact module design
  • Single step In-line processing
  • High quality usable outlet
  • Low energy demand
  • No air polution
  • Up to 95% removal

Large-scale systems using conventional treatment processes such as extraction, stripping, or absorption can lead to several problems or issues. These issues may be overcome by using an alternate solution of Membrane Contactor technology. Membrane Contactors can remove ammonia from waste water and recover it to a usable form in a single step.

It is therefore an adequate and desirable solution for treating the ammonia waste water without polluting the air.

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