USPS UST spill site remediation US postal service, White Plains vehicle maintenance facility White Plains, NY


Courtesy of GEA Engineering PC

GEA served as an engineering design and environmental compliance consultant as well as Site Manager providing CM services for site remediation and cleanup. Two underground diesel and gasoline storage tanks were removed from the VMF site when a gasoline spill was discovered during the excavation. Services provided by GEA included:·

  • Construction Management Services· 
  • UST Removal Design· 
  • Site Assessment in accordance with NYSDEC Spots #14· 
  • Soil Sampling and Analysis· 
  • Design and installation of Groundwater Monitoring Wells· 
  • Groundwater Monitoring and NYSDEC compliance reporting· 
  • Utility Survey· 
  • On-site Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils· 
  • Treatment of over 600 tons of contaminated soil using a NYSDEC permitted on-site thermal desorption treatment system· 
  • Design and Installation of in-situ bioremediation system consisting of a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system.

Upon discovery of the spill, GEA conducted sampling and analysis of soils and groundwater, installation of monitoring wells, secured a reputable contractor for on-site soil remediation, thereby saving the replacement cost of clean fill, provided site management services for the soil remediation and successfully convinced the NYSDEC to approve a natural attenuation plan with groundwater monitoring, thereby saving the Postal Service the huge expense of long-term groundwater remediation. About 600 tons of soil were remediated using an on-site rotary kiln thermal desorber which reduced benzene to near zero levels. The environmental corrective action work was performed by GEA for the USPS on an accelerated basis to permit rapid response to minimize the impact of the spill on groundwater resources.

The VMF site posed several problems that were overcome including:·

  • Very limited space - postal trucks occupied 90% of the site· 
  • Limited access· Postal vehicle traffic·
  • Presence of on-site utilities· 
  • Proximity (within 100') to a freshwater stream.

The tank removal and remediation was successfully completed as groundwater BTEX levels approached NYSDEC groundwater standards. Site closure was achieved within 12 months with a NFA letter from NYSDEC.

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