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Utah Sheriff`s Office Soars Through Air Show With Essential Incident Master (TM)


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The Challenge:
The Davis County Sheriff's Office in Utah was expecting more than 200,000 people to converge on Hill Air Force Base on June 12th and 13th, 2004, for the annual Air Show. The office wanted to be prepared to efficiently and effectively help military and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) respond to any number and kind of incident that might occur.

The Solution:
The Office choose Essential Incident Master™ by ESS because, '... it was the only software I could find that met our requirements for both planning and real-time response,' said the Office's emergency Services Coordinator.

Essential Incident Master, part of the integrated Essential Suite™ family of products, combines crisis and emergency management applications with an ever-changing Content and Collaboration Portal to help users better manage contingencies of all types. The browser-based solution is designed to help users manage and share information through incident logs, e-mail messages, asset and personnel management, operating procedures and plans, and predictive models. The content and Collaboration Portal brings to the desktop analytical tools, exhaustive maps and data sources, near-real-time event data and daily features from around the world to assist in responding the and managing an array of potential incidents.

The Results:
During the show there were several incidents involving people suffering from medical emergencies, such as dehydration and heat exhaustion. Sheriff's personnel logged emergency medical call information into Incident Master from the Command Post, which kept a running tab of who was being treated for what, along with which organization (civilian or military) had responded. The information was shared between the Command post, doctors and nurses in the tents, and EMTs responding in the crowd to medical emergencies. Patients who required assistance were housed in first aid tents set up in designated areas. New details about the status of each person treated were logged into Incident Master as they became available.

Additionally, Incident Master is installed on a broader scale in the Sheriff's Office, where authorities use it in the Emergency Operations Center. And the office has started an Incident Master training program at the EOC so that personnel will be well acquainted with the software when incidents do occur.

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