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Utilisation of waste coal dust of steel industry for power generation

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The present paper describes the generation of waste coal-dust from steel industry and its utilisation for generation of power in power plant. The main objective of the work is to utilise the heat energy of coal dust into useful work and propose a combination of coal and coal dust supplying system to the boiler. The work started with the collection and analysis of the coal dust. The physical property of the coal dust matches with system requirement to do the firing in combination with the milling system. The study of the boiler performance reveals that there is variation in boiler efficiency when compared with the 100% firing through the milling system and the combination with the coal dust firing. It is evident from the obtained data that the efficiency of full coal firing is around 90% where as with the coal dust the efficiency was dropped 1% to 2% less than 90%.

Keywords: coal dust, efficiency, heat losses

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