Utility CO2 Mitigation Markets Report


Courtesy of The McIlvaine Company

CO2 Mitigation Markets provides forecasts for capital equipment and consumables to mitigate CO2 emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants.  A complete CO2 Decision System directs the user to technologies, products and suppliers for specific applications.  It also outlines CO2 mitigation laws and regulations, research, costs and other information.  Since CO2 mitigation technologies are still in the developmental stage.  CCS Projects is a searchable and sortable database of carbon capture and storage demonstration projects worldwide.  A special report analyzes government support for CCS projects.  The CO2 Emissions database includes current CO2 emissions by plant and utility system for coal-fired power plants worldwide.  Recorded webinars and audio interviews  provide continuing insights.  A monthly CO2 E Alert is also included.

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