UVC lights enhance IAQ, reduce AHU operating costs


Courtesy of E-CO

Southern California Air Conditioning Distributors (SCACD), the world's largest Carrier distributor, wanted to investigate additional indoor air quality (IAQ) improvement meth- ods in its 30-year-old administra- tive facility located here.  According to Bruce Fuhrmann, com mere iaf manager for SC ACD, he knew from visual inspections that there were typical accumulations of dirt and mold around the cooling coil and drain pan in the centrafstation air han- dler. He believed that this condi- tion might tie the source of non- spec ificodors in the building and knew it was impeding heat trans- fer efficiency.

Fuhrmann had heard that a new, highoutput UVC light source designed for HVAC appli cations was being marketed specifically for these problems. He had also heard anout this product's ability to degrade accu mulated organic materials, so he decided to try it and evaluate the results.

SCACD ahd another reason for testing the UVC Emitter, manufactured by Steril-Aire. Inc. If it worked, SCACD would market the device to the engineering community and commercial and residential* customers through its network of contractors and dealers. Before taking that step, they needed to be sure' that the device worked as claimed.

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