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You're building a 'green' science building, and some of your laboratories require vacuum support. How do you provide vacuum for those labs?

You can't use an oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps in the labs. The oil mist would contaminate the laboratory air, and the noise pollution makes the working environment unpleasant. The pump oil would quickly be contaminated by biological and chemical vapors and require regular oil changes and disposal. An individual oil-free, diaphragm vacuum pump is a good choice if you have a single application. The right oil-free pump will run clean and quiet, require neither oil changes nor waste oil disposal. And oilfree pumps can be equipped with catchpots and condensers that capture vapor emissions efficiently, permitting reclamation of solvent vapors. But how to handle labs with multiple users?

You could buy a dedicated pump for each user, but that wastes space and energy, and generates a lot of waste heat for removal by the HVAC system. A central vacuum system could provide the vacuum, but the pump and vacuum piping need to be oversized to damp vacuum variability as multiple users connect and disconnect from the central system. The large central vacuum pump also needs to operate at all times, wasting energy. Meanwhile, biological and chemical vapors condense behind walls in the vacuum lines, creating a witches brew of toxic sludge that lasts as long as the building. Not a very 'green' solution!

Why not install a VACUU•LAN® local vacuum network?

A VACUU•LAN® local area vacuum network bridges the gap between local, dedicated vacuum pumps and central vacuum systems. With a VACUU•LAN® network, a single, local, dry vacuum pump supports several vacuum ports in a lab, avoiding the cost and wasted bench space of multiple dedicated pumps. Individual ports are isolated with check valves that minimize interference between workstations, so largediameter, high-flow vacuum supply isn't needed. A VACUU•LAN® network is plumbed with flexible PTFE tubing that can be wall-mounted with light tools or installed in lab casework. The VACUU•LAN® can deliver differentiated vacuum to each application simultaneously from a single pump, a filtration application can get 100 mbar of vacuum, while a gel dryer or centrifugal concentrator down the bench gets 15 mbar. The intermittent resistance at the filtration station doesn't affect the consistency of vacuum supply to the gel dryer or rotary evaporator. You get the performance advantages of dedicated vacuum pumps, with the economy and space-saving efficiency of a central system. A VACUU•LAN® network equipped with a VACUUBRAND® VARIO® pump responds to network loads and only operates when needed. That conserves energy and reduces waste heat that must otherwise be managed with the HVAC system. Condensers on the pumps can capture lab application vapors in the lab with high efficiency. Doing so avoids mixing of vapors, and keeps vapors out of exhaust emissions that are released to the atmosphere or that must be captured by central air scrubbing systems.

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