VaCure Mercury stabilisation by Mobile Units


Courtesy of econ industries services GmbH

For metallic mercury separated from various different waste streams
Spent catalyst from the oil & gas industry, spent activated carbon, residues from former chlorine-alkali production, drilling wastes, fluorescent lamps powder. They all have one thing in common: Elemental mercury is separated during thermal treatment.
econ industries´ competence to provide solutions to deal with various kinds of mercury wastes is worldwide unique. Now, we are the only company worldwide offering the VaCure systems: mobile mercury stabilisation units placed in 40 ft containers. In terms of flexibility, safety and eco-friendliness this solution is unrivalled for final disposal of mercury waste. VaCure units are the ideal solution for companies that want to ensure that their mercury is no longer traded in largely unknown ways.

In our VaCure stabilisation process first sulphur is loaded into a mixer. Afterwards the stoichiometric needed amount of mercury is added to the mixing process. How fast mercury feeding has to happen, depends on temperature and mixing quality. 95 % of the material is converted in a liquid solid reaction in the first process phase. Increasing the temperature in the next step converts the remaining mercury and sulphur, embedded in finest particles, in a gaseous phase reaction. Finally the temperature is further raised in order to get the bright red mercury sulphide. For safety reasons and to avoid unwanted chemical reactions the entire process takes place under vacuum atmosphere. Safe discharge of the generated HgS in metal drums for final disposal is the final process step.

Key facts

  • Typical throughput capacity: up to 0.5 tons per hour
  • Input material: elemental mercury and sulphur
  • Unit design: mobile, placed in a 40 ft. container
  • Scope of supply & services: turn-key machinery, HSE application consultancy, transport, process supervision, consultancy on final disposal of stabilised mercury

Greatest benefits

  • VaCure delivers non-toxic output material, final HgS output prepared for landfilling or subsurface disposal
  • Full transparency on the whole on-site waste handling process due to local treatment with mobile unit
  • Expensive and long lasting notification and transportation procedures incl. related expenses are eliminated
  • Safest treatment option with vacuum technology, designed from the inventors of the VacuDry process
  • Acknowledged and proven process design, pilot testing available to ease environmental approval procedures

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