Valid Decision on the Recycling Process Justifiability

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This paper cover environmental impact assessment studies for selected recycling processes / equipment, in comparison with the environmental impact of processes without recycling. This is in favor for integral and global solutions for environmental protection (not 'cosmetics', or partial, as we sometimes do, especially in developing and countries in transition).

Recycling is frequently believed to reduce the adverse effects on the environment. This is; however, not generally true and additional requirements need to be fulfilled to make this conclusion possible. Recycling is most frequently a priori advocated as an option for the waste treatment, since it is believed to reduce the overall adverse effects on the environment, but a serious engineer, who understands the technological process as a whole, does not take it for granted - only a complete analysis of the recycling process can answer the question whether it is going to reduce damage to the environment and mineral resources.

The outcome will answer the question of what is less harmful for the environment: process with or without recycling. In the concluded remarks, the criteria/requirements to be analyzed and incorporated in the study of the effects of the recycling process on the environment have to be detecting /exploring, with a view to making a valid decision on the recycling process justifiability, for each individual case.

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