Valuable Products From Tannery Wastes

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We proved the viability of enzymatic dechromation technology, proceeding under mild reaction conditions, by the daily capacity of 3 metric tons for processing chrome shavings. The advantage of the enzymatic reaction is producing protein hydrolyzates of relatively good quality and chrome sludge. The quality of both is increased by using organic bases to form an alkaline reaction mixture. In commercial application the greatest volume of protein hydrolyzates is channeled into agriculture. Hydrolyzate, as an organic nitrogenous fertilizer, not only equals combined urea-ammonium nitrate fertilizer in crop yield but surpasses it manifold in foodstuff value of consumers greens as to content of nitrates, which is as much as 200 times lower on average. Further hydrolyzate is consumed in the manufacture of biodegradable foil, especially for producing sowing tape. Applying protein hydrolyzates appears to be of good prospect in the building industry.

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