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Value creation through new technologies vs. offer digitalisation

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Modern enterprises must be able to adapt to dynamic changes, which take place in their business environment. Such changes result from the expansion of modern technologies introduced in enterprises and adopted and regularly used by buyers. These technologies have significantly changed the way enterprises and individuals behave and function on the market. This article presents some results of an extensive empirical study on the impact of computerisation of marketing on the network relation market and argues that the degree of offer digitalisation is a significant factor, which creates value through new technologies. As the problem in question has not been extensively researched yet, case research was conducted in three stages. The research, which comprised enterprises, their suppliers and customers, has revealed that the expectations of partners, and, consequently, the role of new technologies in value creation, are different and depend on the degree of offer digitalisation.

Keywords: ICT, information technology, communications technology, digital products, new technologies, offer digitalisation, adaptability, dynamic change, business environments, computerisation, marketing, network relationships, suppliers, customers, expectations, partners, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurialism, relations management, value creation

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