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Wire stripping machine can deal with a variety of wires including copper wires and aluminum wires with good effect. It can realize the complete separation of metal core and insulation. Since it makes use of mechanical force to strip wires, it does not produce any pollution. More importantly, it is easily operated and saving in labor. Of course, different wire stripping machines are distinguishing in functions. Choosing a good wire stripping machine is also very important for starting your own business. 

Whirlston, a professional manufacturer of copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine has 12 years’ manufacturing experience in this industry. All its modes of wire stripping machines are CE certificated; therefore they can ensure a safer operation. The features of the wire stripping machines of Whirlston are the following:
1. The wire stripping machine is driven by single or three motors, providing you high efficiency and low noise.
2. Two or four adjusting handles to change the distance between knives to process different diameter wires. 
3. KO5 wire stripping machine can strip single-core and double-core flat wires at one time.

The more important is that Whirlston not only offers you quality product but also provides you considerate service in the whole process including pre-sale and after-sale. 
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