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Value people, the missing link in creating high performance organisations

A collaborative research programme is proposed, based on the supposition that the urgently needed renewal of our companies should follow the model of a Value People Organisation. Such an organisation is characterised by four mutually related conditions: the presence of shared values; the competencies to transform these shared values into results; self-management systems to guide this process; and appraisal and reward systems to support it. To realise these four conditions is considered a number one management responsibility. The proposed research programme looks for empirical evidence in support of the above hypothesis. It also tackles the question of how to realise the conditions mentioned, if they are lacking. Two context factors are taken into account: educational programmes of universities, because of their impact on the influx of employee competencies into organisations; and national and supranational bodies, because of their role in the conditioning of people's (shared) values.

Keywords: appraisal and reward systems, competencies, high performance organisations, innovation, leadership, learning organisation, self-management systems, shared values, value people

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