Vapor Steamers for Tile and Grout Maintenance

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Tile and grout cleaning is undoubtedly a tiresome and time-consuming job. Tiled floors are normally used in areas that experience heavy traffic. As a result, the floors can get quite dull and dirty at the end of the day. Then, there is the issue of grout, a highly porous surface that quickly absorbs dirt and develops stains. Rigorous scrubbing can wear away the grout and spoil its appeal. For this reason, cleaning experts now utilize steamer machines to maintain tile and grout floors.

Powerful, efficient, and eco-friendly vapor steamers
The last couple of years have witnessed incredible advances in vapor steaming machines. Consequently, the new range of steamers designed for tile and grout cleaning offer unbelievably good results. In addition to deep cleaning tiled floors, the steam generated by these machines also helps dissolve dirt buildup and can access every nook and corner. The cleaning action of hot steam effectively cleans floors, eliminates germs, and removes foul odors. Since vapor machines accomplish the best ever cleaning results without the use of cleaning chemicals, it is eco-friendly as well.

Benefits of steam cleaning
Now here is a quick look at why tile and grout cleaning is best accomplished with steam vapor machines from leading suppliers:

  • The best vapor machines generate super-heated, dry steam at high pressure levels. Dry steam contains only 5 percent moisture and presents no risk of damaging the porous grout. Low moisture content also ensures that there will be almost no water to wipe off from floors after the tile and grout cleaning session is over.
  • To function impeccably and continue ejecting steam at consistently high temperatures, the boilers in steam vapor equipment must be free of scale deposits. For this reason, the most advanced versions of steamer equipment feature self-cleaning boilers. In addition to ensuring consistent performance, tile grout cleaning machines with self-cleaning boilers also incur minimum maintenance problems.
  • Super-hot steam generated by steam cleaners is a very good sanitizing agent that helps eliminate the germs and allergens on tile and grout floors. To enhance this disinfecting action, the latest steamer equipment from leading brands are empowered with advanced antibacterial functions that help eliminate up to 99.9 percent of germs and pathogens from different surfaces.
  • The steam generated by high-grade hard floor cleaner machines is extremely dense, about 200 percent denser than the steam ejected by traditional steam cleaners.
  • To effectively eliminate tough dirt buildup from tiled floors, the best floor steam cleaning machines feature steam temperatures as high as 369ºF and pressure levels of up to 125 psi.
  • One of the most important aspects of maintaining tile and grout is eliminating all kind of particulate deposits from the floors. To simplify this task, the best-selling versions of hard floor cleaner equipment are empowered with HEPA filtration technology. The HEPA filter helps extract dust, pollen and other allergens, thereby improving the quality of air indoors. The extracted particles are dumped into water, making disposal very easy.

So, as you can see, the best vapor steaming machines offer an entire range of unique functions that offer unmatched results in tile and grout cleaning.


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