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The vegetated slope Protection system Preserving the natural environment with vegetation is a high priority in slope protection solutions.

The Geoweb® slope protection system provides a structurally stable environment for topsoil and sustainable vegetation through a structured network of interconnected cells. The system confines and reinforces the vegetated upper soil layer, increasing its resistance to erosive and sliding forces.

Examples where the Geoweb® system solved unique slope protection problems are illustrated in this case study summary.

The Challenge

Building a new bridge to link a newly developed residential area to Hwys 7 and 401 posed soil stability problems of the new embankment slopes. Crossing over a deep valley and cold-water trout stream also posed environmental concerns for several governing agencies. Stabilizing and vegetating the 1.5h:1v slopes to a natural state was imperative. Project Engineers, Ecoplans and McCormick Rankin’s design plan was to stabilize the embankments while minimizing the footprint on the valley.

The Installation

The Geoweb® system with tendons was installed over the embankment surface. As each embankment lift was constructed, the Geoweb sections were extended down the slope and connected with the sections in each benched area. Three tendons per section provided the structural mechansim to secure the system against sliding forces.

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