Ventura Foods, LLC - Case Study


Courtesy of FogBusters, Inc.

High level of FOG in effluent was impacting cost of operation. High level of treatment chemicals was producing the necessary reduction in Total COD but also removing much of the Soluble COD, rendering the downstream anaerobic process very unreliable and hard to maintain.

A Fogbuster Jr600 system was installed at Sump 2. The effluent from the margarine sump (only, at present) was processed through the system at a peak rate of 50 GPM. Recovered oil was pumped to storage tank and effluent from system was discharged downstream into the DAF feed Sump 1.

The Fogbuster unit is treating about 40% of total plant flow. Chemical usage has come down by over 30% and significant reduction in sludge volume has been recorded. The plant is producing over twice the normal oil production at purity exceeding 95%. Further, the Total COD was reduced by 50%! The client is now engaging FogBusters to design a new system to handle 100% of effluent at this location and also install a similar process at two of their other plants.

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