Alpha MOS Environment

Veolia Proprete - The landfill site at Villeneuve Loubet selects the RQ Box solution for continuous odor monitoring case study

Courtesy of Alpha MOS Environment

The site

  • Non-hazardous waste storage center, located at Villeneuve Loubet, France
  • 270.000 tons of waste processed each year
  • Located in a rugged area, subject to high temperature differences
  • Spray system to neutralize odors
  • ISO 14001 certified


  • To understand and anticipate emissive events
  • To continuously monitor the emission levels of odors and target gases
  • To verify compliance with the regulatory thresholds
  • To monitor the dispersion of odors in the vicinity of the site
  • To reduce the odor impact on neighboring residential areas


  • Two complementary approaches:
  • Olfactometry campaign to rank odor sources and « calibrate » the electronic noses
  • RQ Box Solution for odor and gaseous pollutants monitoring, including:
    • four RQ Box electronic noses, providing odor concentration results in ouE.m-3 (EN 13725 standard)
      • three fixed noses, located at the emission source, to alert in real time
      • one mobile nose, that can be moved according to operations and site growth
    • a weather station located on site - a wireless communication system
    • the RQNet software for results acquisition and display
    • 4D atmospheric dispersion modeling software