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Vermifiltration systems for liquid waste management: a review


Vermifiltration is an innovative wastewater treatment process that implies the use of composting worms to treat water loaded with organic contaminants. It is considered to be an innovative technology that provides a sustainable solution for the treatment of wastewater with synchronous sludge reduction and treatment. In this paper, an overview of vermifiltration systems in liquid waste management is presented. The paper starts by giving an overview of the vermifiltration process and then provides details of current studies and technologies used to treat wastewater using the vermifiltration process. The anti-clogging nature of vermifiltration systems is compared with other biological treatment systems and the key factors influencing the process and the treatment efficiency of the process are critically reviewed. The scope and improvements to the process are finally suggested.

Keywords: onsite and decentralised wastewater systems, vermifiltration, vermifiltration systems, wastewater treatment

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