Versatile and Reliable Bio-augmentation to Remain within Discharge Consent

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Courtesy of Cleveland Biotech Ltd.

Cleveland Biotech Ltd's Baccelerator® was launched two years ago. It has been employed in a wide variety of applications and has improved the biological performance of all the treatment works to which it has been attached.

Examples of some of the uses to which the Baccelerator® has been put to include:

- To degrade rogue organics that were impairing nitrification in a municipal package treatment plant;
- To treat fats that were occluding filters in a municipal trickling filter treatment works;
- To boost the biological activity in an industrial treatment plant treating ships oily waste water;
- To seed a reed bed treating anti-freeze run-off from an airport;
- To effectively increase the p/e of an equestrian centres treatment plant, with limited available space;
- To recover the biological activity of wet-land lagoons treating abattoir waste.

In all cases the Baccelerator® has been shown to be versatile, simple to install and reliable. In many cases it has proven to be the cost effective alternative to significant capital expenditure.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Cleveland Biotech on 01642 606 606, or visit the web-site .

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