Versatile Auto Detailing Products for Super-Clean Vehicles

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Auto detailing equipment refers to highly advanced car wash systems that simplify the cleaning process and boost the end results with their innovative technologies. Reputable distributors now offer an exciting range of high-performance, durable and reliable auto detailing machines along with powerful chemicals. This wide range enables you to choose the right version depending on your specific requirements. 

If you are engaged in the car detailing business and are looking for durable and powerful yet versatile and user-friendly equipment that will help increase the productivity of your employees, you must definitely take a look at the advanced car wash products offered by leading suppliers. In addition to boosting your profits, these machines will help keep your business a step ahead of your competitors. 

Powerful Pressure Washing Products
Until recently, there were two kinds of products available for auto detailing professionals – steam cleaners and pressure washers. However, both these categories of machines did not have the right features required for proper car washing. Steam cleaning machines had the right temperatures for dissolving tough dirt, but their pressure levels were inadequate. And although pressure washers had high pressure levels, extremely high pressure levels would damage vehicles. As a result, these machines failed to provide superior cleaning results. All that changed with the launch of steam pressure washers. 

With the aim to simplify car detailing applications, reputable distributors presented advanced steam pressure cleaners that expertly combined the cleaning power of steam with high pressure levels. While the hot steam dissolves dirt deposits, the high pressure levels help wash away the softened particles. Such car wash equipment is capable of generating temperatures as high as 250ºF and pressure levels of 1000 psi. The adequate pressure levels guarantee exceptional cleaning without damaging the vehicle’s paint or causing scratches on the exteriors. 

These car pressure washers are also notable for their low flow rates that keep water usage to a minimum without compromising on the quality of cleaning. The low flow rates of car wash equipment enables detailing of surfaces like automobile engines that contain delicate components. Since low water usage also helps eliminate any kind of wastage, you need not worry about EPA fines. In fact, while a typical garden hose ejects around 6-10 gallons of water in a minute; these mobile car wash products eject as little as 0.5 GPM. Imagine the huge volume of water you will be able to save every single day! 

For added versatility, the new generation of car pressure washers features tri mode capabilities. This enables the steam pressure cleaners to eject cold water, hot water or steam as per your specific requirement. So, you can choose steam or hot water when you need to clean off grease deposits on vehicle exteriors. Also, when it comes to maintaining the detailing bays, you can opt for cold water. 

Leading suppliers offer many high-grade auto detailing products through their online stores. In addition to being efficient and powerful, these auto detailing systems are also unbelievably affordable.


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