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Versatile Hot Water Pressure Washing Machines for Industrial Cleaning

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Hot water pressure washers are ideal dual purpose machines, as they can use hot water as well as non-heated water for cleaning different surfaces. Having this choice is important, because some applications do not require the additional cleaning power of hot water. Some surfaces may even become damaged by very high temperatures. On the other hand, the contractor will often come across cleaning tasks that require the use of hot water, and this is where hot water power washers will be very useful. Rather than switching to a different machine each time you’re cleaning requirements change, invest in hot water pressure washers that enable operators to use hot and cold water when cleaning.

Some hot water pressure washers are tri-mode; they use non heated water, hot water, and very hot water (steam) for cleaning. These machines often have temperature levels as high as 330°F. Other machines use just cold water and hot water, and they have lower maximum temperatures, around 180-210°F. The type of machine you select depends on cleaning applications. If you are required to clean heavy layers of grease, for example, hot water pressure washers that attain very high temperatures are recommended. For less soiled areas, such as patios, walkways, yards, and commercial locations, use lower temperature levels.

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Hot water pressure washers have a variety of features. You could choose electric pressure washers or gas pressure washers depending on your requirements. Electric pressure washers may be used indoors and outdoors and they do not emit noise or fumes. They can be simply plugged into an electrical outlet for use. However, when electricity supply is not available you will have to use gas pressure washers or pressure washers that run on other fuels such as propane or diesel.

Hot water power washers should be able to heat water fast. The faster the heating process, the higher the productivity. Many dealers offer pressure washers with industrial grade heating coils that heat cold water within 30 seconds.

Many pressure wash systems are not geared toward industrial applications. The result — frequent malfunction, easy wear and tear, and inadequate cleaning. While purchasing pressure washing systems, ensure they have a good quality heating device, powerful engine, corrosion resistant wands and nozzles, strong hoses, and chip resistant body.

For working within a fixed area, buy a stationary pressure washing system. These machines are ideal for use in car washes, factories, and other areas where daily cleaning is required. Most contractors buy Super Max pressure washer units. These machines are wheel mounted for limited movement, usually within a building. Some power washers may be fitted on trailers, and if your work contracts take you all over the city then it is best to buy one of these machines.

When purchasing an electric pressure washer machine, make sure the dealer has the right credentials and has a good reputation among previous buyers. The best dealers have many high profile customers, including Fortune 500 companies.

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