Vertek CPT rigs are proven to withstand the test of time


Courtesy of Vertek a Division of ARA

The most reliable equipment on the market today, with the widest range of applications, your Vertek CPT rig will get you into a wider range of jobs, and get those jobs done quickly and efficiently.

In the rare case that you need support, our U.S. based factory and support team are there to get you back up and running in less time than any competing manufacturer.

Don’t just take our word for it; read about the real-world challenges that operators like you are meeting every day with Vertek CPT as their technology partner.

Case Study: Terracon Consulting Engineers
Terracon Consulting Engineers and Scientists operates nationally with over 140 offices.

The Challenge

  • In the mid-west, glacial clays can be problematic
  • Concerns about whether it was possible to utilize CPT in Nebraska and New Mexico
    • Cones unable to survive soil types
    • Test able to get to depths required
  • Most cone equipment is European-based, leading to costly delays in service and support

The Solution

  • A 25 Ton Vertek CPT Track rig with integrated electronics and software
  • Easy to understand programming which removes guesswork
  • Domestic, friendly, informative and readily available customer support

The Results

  • Engineering and Governmental expectations met with every job, with ongoing contracts
  • Raw data available to client directly after a push for preliminary analysis which is greatly valued
  • 10 yrs of success pushing cones across the country with Vertek CPT equipment with little to no problems getting what needed to be done with excellent results

“My experience with Vertek CPT has been nothing short of outstanding.”

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