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Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands


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The constructed wetland technology is today continuously evolving with new and innovative applications. Vertical flow constructed wetlands is a relatively new and still developing technology in the field of ecological and environmental engineering. These ecological systems offers us the potential to treat water and sludge in a more sustainable way, even when financial sources are limited. The status of Constructed Wetlands as sustainable treatment systems is today increasingly recognized. The technology of Constructed Wetlands provides multiple technical, economic and ecologic advantages compared to conventional treatment methods like activated sludge systems. Constructed Wetlands are appropriate systems for small/medium communities, villages, small cities, rural, mountainous and remote areas, as also for single households or residential blocks. Their main economic benefit is the reduced operational costs since these systems do not include any large and complex mechanical equipment and the energy consumption is very low. The ecological character of such facilities is based on the use of plants (which is on the basic construction elements), the low energy input needed and the exploitation of renewable energy sources (wind, solar radiation) for the treatment. Their main disadvantage is the fact they possess higher land area demands, usually up to 4-5 times higher than conventional systems.

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