Vertical water screen for Pittsburgh, CA - case study


Courtesy of International Water Screens

The City of Pittsburg, California looked at repairing their old FMC vertical traveling water screens, but the price was exorbitant… Until they contacted International Water Screens. Our quote for a new water screen was lower than the estimated price to repair the FMC screen.

After a year of operation they found that our design was much more efficient than the FMC screen. So, they decided to remove the second FMC Screen and install another International Water Screen in its place. Retrofitting water screens can offer a more economical solution than repair.

This project included:

  • Traveling Screen(s)
  • Elevator
  • Pump
  • Trash Container
  • Control Panel
  • Head Loss Level Reader
  • Filter
  • Automatic Flash Filter
  • Conveyor

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