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Vibrational Noise is one of the major Environmental problems in Industrial Plants. The Noise Study under taken in Chinese Unit no.4 of Thermal Power Station (TPS) Jamshoro. The level and Frequency characteristics of the prevailing Noise recorded in detail, at Basement Area Feed Pumps, Turbines, Boilers, F.D.F, I.D.F & Compressors, and found that the level of Noise is higher at Boiler House and Feed Pump No-3 i.e. 93.2 and 91 dB(A) respectively.

For the assessment of communication ability, Speech Interference Levels are evaluated in terms of Preferred Speech Interference Level (PSIL), and analysed by taking mean of average values of octave band centre frequency at 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz.

The results are discussed with reference to the maximum permissible Occupational Noise exposure limits as allowed by the ISO and other National Standards, and found Health Hazards like head ache, hearing problem, irritation and disturbance to the workers, for which some recommendations have been made to provide safety measures to workers against high level  noise in this unit.

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