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Vibrations and instability of front-end accessory drive belt system

The objective of this paper is to explore the dynamic features of vibrations and instability of the front-end accessory drive belt system. A non-linear model of a moving beam with friction coupling on an elastic foundation is developed. The model takes into account a variety of non-linear effects, including the contact stiffness non-linearity, non-linearities associated with the friction, tensioned parametric excitation, as well as the beam geometry non-linearity. Different non-linear properties are examined, and numerical simulations are conducted to investigate the system and to correlate with the experimental results. The major contributors to the dynamic contact instability are illustrated.

Keywords: vehicle vibration, friction-induced mode coupling, negative damping, front end accessory drives, dynamic contact instability, nonlinear modelling, drive belt systems, moving beam, friction coupling, contact stiffness, drive belt vibration

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