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Village of Maybrook, NY Sludge Dewatering System


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Project Summary:

The Village of Maybrook WWTP process consists of primary clarification, trickling filters, and secondary clarification. Primary sludge and trickling filter humus is anaerobically digested. The belt filter press dewaters the sludge eliminating the need for sludge drying beds.

The belt filter press discharge cake solids are consistently in the 25 to 30 percent range, which is considered to be excellent performance for this type of sludge. This project is resulting in substantial savings in dewatering operations for the Village. Dewatering equipment is located in the former maintenance room. The compact footprint of the BDP Industries 2VP vertical machine allowed for the complete system to comfortably fit in a 20' by 22' space.

Special thanks to Matt Thorpe for his support of this project. Matt's dedication to the Village is clear - he truly strives to make decisions that benefit the Village and its residents. 'This project illustrates what happens when technical know-how, the right equipment and strong personal bonds all join forces to achieve a common goal. Koester Associates and BDP Industries are pleased to be a part of this successful economical upgrade for the village of Maybrook.'

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