VINCI - Case Study


Courtesy of Centre for Sustainability and Excellence

Project Results and Impacts:

  • Significant support on company brand image and reputation
  • Identification of the most energy consuming sources
  • Multiple award winning case in Europe
  • Minimize emissions by 400 tons in 3 years
  • Minimize utility bill costs by  40,000 (Euros) in 2 years

CSE Solution  'Carbon footprint Strategy and Cost effectiveness'

Via its collaboration with CSE, VINCI (Gefyra Litourgia SA) developed a comprehensive Carbon Footprint strategy aiming to reduce GHG emissions and provide a template for the organization to monitor and measure its environmental performance. CSE supported VINCI (Gefyra Litourgia SA) to:

  • Minimize CO2 emissions of its operations that originated from the heating and lighting needs of the offices and the bridge operation by replacing energy consuming sources with more energy efficient ones
  • Minimize energy cost
  • Reduce its Environmental Footprint by 68 tons of CO2 (4% of total emitted CO2), resulting in savings of 9.43% of its total operating costs (30,000 Euros annually)


VINVI (Gefyra Litourgia SA) operates the Rion Antirion Bridge in the frame of a multi-annual contract with the concessionaire VIVNI (Gefyra SA). VINVI (Gefyra Litourgia SA) is responsible for toll and traffic management, and the routine maintenance of the Rion Antirion Bridge.


VINCI (Gefyra Litourgia SA) functions and lives “in the Community, from the Community, for the Community.” The company wanted to reduce the amount of GHG emissions produced from its operations and detect sources of infrastructure which needed to become more energy efficient.

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