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Virginia - Community STEP project case study


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  • Site: Town of Exmore
  • Location: Exmore Virginia

Quanics. Inc STEP Systems provide a cost effective, efficient and reliable method for effluent collection in small communities and subdivision developments.

Town of Exmore, Virginia
The quaint community of Exmore. Virginia was plagued by outdated and failing onsite septic systems. In 2003 the community leaders made the decision to install a new decentralized onsite system to treat and dispose of their wastewater. The new system designed by Shore En-gineering would require new STEP (Septic Tank Effluent Pump System) systems installed at each structure to be served. A Quanics STEP was chosen by M & W Construction and approved by the design engineer. Each STEP package was installed in new 1000-gallon concrete pump tanks. Each STEP consisted of a 44' filtered pump vault, 20-gpm high head turbine pump, risers and lids, and demand dose control panel. In total, a 127 individual STEP packages were installed and connected to a 2' pressure sewer that now carries the town's wastewater to an offsite location for treatment and disposal.

Southeast Land Development, Wisconsin In 2003 developers began construction on a 101-lot subdivision in central Wisconsin. A decentralized onsite system was chosen for wastewater management The disposal system consisted of numerous Wisconsin Mounds throughout the development Transporting of the effluent from each home was accomplished utilizing a Quanics STEP package installed in individual concrete pump chambers. Ray Wollner Excavation oversaw the installation of each of the 109 STEP Packages beginning in the summer of 2003 The Quanics STEP package consisted of a 44' filtered pump vault, 10-gpm high head turbine pump, risers and lids and a new PDA operated control panel. Each individual STEP package was connected to a larger lift station, which ultimately lifted the effluent to the mounds for treatment and disposal.

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