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Visitors experience of travel to the City of Heaven (Madinah)

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In modern society which, by definition is increasingly secular and culturally motivated, the Hajj is considered the culmination of each Muslim's religious duties and aspiration. Muslims travel to the city of Madinah, after performing the Hajj, as part of their religious beliefs and not as some may think, as an escape for leisure and entertainment. The people who go to Madinah feel unanimous in the view that nothing can quite prepare them for the sheer beauty of the experience and the overwhelming feeling of humbleness that affects them during the pilgrim of Madinah. This paper will begin with the Islamic approach to life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and explains the principles on which Islamic values for society are based according to the teachings of Allah (SWT) and the perfect examples of his PBUH. The paper will explore the personal experience of an individual participant visiting the city.

Keywords: personal experiences, Islam, Prophet Muhammad PBUH, pilgrimage, Madinah, Hajj, Muslims, religious beliefs, Islamic values, religion

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