VOC Remediation Using HRC at Navy Base


Courtesy of Regenesis

Site Summary

Site investigations at a Naval Base in Long Beach, California revealed high contaminant levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from a dry cleaning operation. In well MW-14-S4, the contamination levels of DCE, TCE and PCE reached 4,100 μg/L, 4,000μg/L, and 6,500 μg/L, respectively. The land use in this vicinity was primarily industrial and operations ceased by September 1994. Dry cleaning operations were conducted for approximately 14 years, from 1955-1969. A shallow clay layer was excavated from above the groundwater to reduce the high VOC concentrations detected in soil samples and an HRC injection followed during the summer of 2002. Electrical heating along with SVE, at a cost of $2 million, was also considered for this site, however, the cost was too high.

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