Void Formation , what CCTV doesn`t show

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A Brief Overview of Cavity Formation and Investigation in Drainage Pipes.

CCTV investigation is used to assess structural condition of drainage pipes. Major faults and Breaks are relitively easy to identify , however CCTV does not show what is present around the pipe. Many major defects are caused by small pipe defects resulting in soil migration leading to major void formation and eventually to pipe movement and catastrophic failure.  This Summary takes a broad view of the hidden story that can not be seen using conventional CCTV. 

What CCTV doesn't show.  

We are all aware of the structural defects and infiltration that can be identified on a CCTV, but Sometimes the critical issue is what you can't see. The water tight integrity of a Joint in drainage system can be defective as a result of the quality of installation, poor bed and surround, the joint type or other environmental factors. 

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